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Scott Leva

Stunt Coordinator/2nd Unit Director

Precision Stunts Safety Specialists

Multi Award winning/nominated Stunt Coordinator and Equipment company for the Motion Picture Industry today.

Using state of the art high tech designs to change the way stunts can be performed.


A Bit About Me

High Falls, Fights Specialized rigging. Stunt Coordinator & 2nd Unit Director, Scott Leva has worked and created action on numerous films and television productions. Credits include "X-Men", "Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles", "Desperate Housewives" and "Flags Of Our Fathers" to name a few.  


Back in 1997 his close friend and fellow stuntman Paul Dallas passed away due to a tragic high fall mishap. Many industry standard airbags had faults and wanting to make a difference, Scott used his experience and founded an innovative design to create a softer, more durable, and most importantly, safer airbag!


Standard airbags  and some still on the market today would bounce or slide the performer out of the bag if they hit off center. The Precision Airbag will catch the jumper safely inside the bag, no matter what part of the surface they hit.

A Little Humble Brag


Acadamy Award® Winner 2005 Technical Achievement Award 

for the design and development of the Precision Stunt Airbag

Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award 2008For The Precision Stunt Airbag

World Stunt Award (Taurus Award) Nominee 2003

Best Overall Stunt By A Stuntman

Best High Work

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